A project ends

Today was the last day of the trellis project.  I removed the final canvas, though the trellises are going to remain in the yard for a few days.  We have some friends from California coming to visit and I thought I’d give them a chance to see the structures in place.

This has been an interesting experiment, not the least for all the positive response I’ve had.  Many people have come by to see the installation and several times while I was in the yard moving the trellises from one location to the next, neighbors have stopped and chatted.  One neighbor said that the trellises livened up the neighborhood and gave him something interesting to look at on his daily walks with his dog.

I had originally intended to auction the pieces off at the end of the project to benefit the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City (http://www.hsgkc.org) and Wayside Waifs (http://www.waysidewaifs.org), but I haven’t finished cleaning the canvas and so that will have to wait.  One of these days, I’ll let you know about an on-line auction, with all the proceeds going to care for homeless animals, of which there are so many that need our help.

As something of a footnote, I’ve recently been recording observations about various things and posting them here, including a combined observation/image piece which is also going to be incorporated into a mix-media piece that I hope to finish in the next couple of weeks.  If you haven’t checked the blog in a few weeks, you’ve missed them.  They follow below…


Trellises at night

The trellises are strung with rope lights, so night provides another way to experience them.  Since serendipity is a goal of this project (OK, I realize that you can’t plan for a serendipitous experience, but you can plan to embrace it when it comes.  Of course, it’s not serendipity if you don’t recognize and embrace it, right?  It’s just some random occurrence.  Does a serendipitous experience become some thing else if you are on the lookout for it?), the random siting this time around provided an interesting arrangement, particularly after dark (when I look at the pattern of the lights, I see the outline what might be a horse; albeit, a horse with a big nose.  Or perhaps a reindeer.  Rudolph?  Too early for Christmas, but maybe he’s out reconnoitering for Santa.  Now that I think about it, it sort of looks like the Road Runner’s nose.)  Well, certainly not anything I had in mind when I started this, but I’ll take it.

Illumination 2


A few more mushrooms

Day by day, the mushrooms change.  Some of the changes are subtle; some are dramatic.   The decaying process seems to affect some more than others.  Here are a few more photos I took yesterday.  By the end of the week, these will be gone (the guy who mows our yard is coming on Friday).

Deconstruction II

I spent part of Saturday cleaning the canvasses I have removed from the trellises.  As I mentioned before, the cool and wet weather caused heavy mildew to form on them.  I checked several websites to determine the best way to remove the mildew without damaging the art.  First, about a week ago, I sprayed the canvas with Lysol to kill the mildew or any mold spores present and let them dry thoroughly.  Next, I used a stiff brush to remove as much of the dried mildew as I could.  I did this outside (it was a beautiful almost-fall day), wearing a respirator mask to be sure that I did not inhale any of the dust.  The canvasses looked pretty good after that, but I decided to take an extra step that had gotten mixed reviews on the websites I looked at.  I used a very diluted mixture of non-chlorine bleach (probably 20-1 bleach and water) to wash the canvasses.  This was very effective in removing the rest of the mildew and cleaning the canvasses of the remaining dirt and dust that had accumulated in the weeks that they were outside.

There are four canvasses remaining on the three trellises.  Next Saturday is another move and I’ll remove three of the four canvasses then, and clean them.  One more move after that.


This summer’s weather has been perfect… for growing mushrooms in my yard.  They have surrounded and enhanced the uniqueness of the trellises.  Here are a few shots of what I discovered today.