After 30 years on the extension faculty of the University of Missouri, I retired to follow creative activities: photography, painting, sculpting, writing. I published a book of short stories and poems entitled Knots and a book about a small town newspaper columnist; it’s called Your Faithful Correspondent.  A few years ago, I published a book,  Embracing the Past: Stories of the people who living historic districts, based on my doctoral dissertation and a cookbook (not based on my dissertation) entitled The Erin Go Bragh Cookbook. The cookbook is a big part of the plot of Your Faithful Correspondent, so you might want to check them out (i.e., buy) together.

I’m doing a lot of digital drawing and painting right now using an iPad and an app called Procreate. You can see most of it on this website and on Instagram. Just look for @stclaircphd there. Everything is for sale, of course. This is America, after all.

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