Trellises assembled

All three trellises have finally been assembled.  Here are photos of the completed structures.

Trellis 1 side 1 Trellis 1 side 2

Trellis 2 side 1 Trellis 2 side 2

Trellis 3 side 1 Trellis 3 side 2

Tomorrow is the day to move the trellises to their new positions.  I’ll post photos of those views.

4 thoughts on “Trellises assembled

  1. Pretty neat. What, if anything, are you going to grow on the ‘trellises”? I wonder if your neighbor thinkgs the ‘trellises’ have little cameras in them.

  2. Chas, I am so impressed with your talents. Your work is amazing. Can’t wait to see the pictures of their next home. Thanks for sharing your gift of art with us.

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