Trellises at night

The trellises are strung with rope lights, so night provides another way to experience them.  Since serendipity is a goal of this project (OK, I realize that you can’t plan for a serendipitous experience, but you can plan to embrace it when it comes.  Of course, it’s not serendipity if you don’t recognize and embrace it, right?  It’s just some random occurrence.  Does a serendipitous experience become some thing else if you are on the lookout for it?), the random siting this time around provided an interesting arrangement, particularly after dark (when I look at the pattern of the lights, I see the outline what might be a horse; albeit, a horse with a big nose.  Or perhaps a reindeer.  Rudolph?  Too early for Christmas, but maybe he’s out reconnoitering for Santa.  Now that I think about it, it sort of looks like the Road Runner’s nose.)  Well, certainly not anything I had in mind when I started this, but I’ll take it.

Illumination 2


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