Further evidence of “tempus fugit”


It’s actually been over a week since my last post and a lot has taken place since then.  Probably most important among the changes, I’ve rename the project from “Of fence” to “Trellises.”  When I first conceived this venture, I was looking at the three pieces to be grouped and moved together as “a sort of fence.”  As I began constructing the three trellises, however, I came to see them less as a connected unit and more as individual entities that need to move on their own.  Hence, the fence has ceased to exist and the trellises have emerged.


Another reason for the renaming:  a trellis is usually a free-standing structure which supports fruit trees or upon which vining plants climb.  Not only are the trellises I’ve constructed meant to stand on their own (at least I hope they do, literally and figuratively), but they are also the structures which will support my painted canvases (the fruit of my creativity?).  Additionally, trellis is an appropriate title since I am erecting three structures and the word trellis derives from the Latin trilix which is a shortening of tri- (three) and licium (to warp thread).  Some parts of the three trellises have been bent or warped, so I’m honoring the spirit of the word.


Other things that have taken place:


  • The trellises have received an initial coat of paint (except for the copper tubing, which I will help to acquire a patina).  Additional banding will be added in the palette I will be using for the canvases.  I’ve chosen the palette from the paint I’ve wiped on a t-shirt I’ve used in some of my other art.  Here’s a cropped scan of the t-shirt.



  • The grid has been devised.  I started with the aerial photo from the Johnson County appraiser, did an outline of the house and trees and then added 5’ x 5’ segments in the major areas of the yard.  Originally, I was going to grid the yard in 4’ x 4’ segments and locate the trellises using the corners of the these squares as the beginning points.  When I decided to treat each trellis as an independent actor, I reconsidered how to site them.  Unless I find that this regimen does not work, I’m still going to use a random number table to find the squares (numbered from 1 to 28) where the trellises will be erected.  For the orientation, I’m going to spin a compass and see which way it points.  So if it’s showing SSW, the trellis will be sited within the square pointing south-southwest.


10500 Pawnee

 10500 Pawnee layout10500 Pawnee gridded numbered


  • The front yard has been laid out for the grid. 

 Finding the edge  Corner marker


  • Canvas panels have been cut.  The edges of these will be sewn to keep them from fraying and grommets will be attached.  I’m taking Suzanne’s sewing machine to the Singer store today to see if they can unlock the case.  The sewing machine is probably sixty years old and in one of our recent moves, the key, which was attached to the handle by a cord, was lost.  The keyhole is a round opening with a square slot into which the key fits.  I tried opening it with a variety of Allen wrenches and a file with a square end, but to no avail.  The trip to the Singer store is imminent.

Laying out the canvas  Fitting panels  Canvas panels

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