Photos of painting progress

I promised to show some photos of my progress in getting the canvases painted.  Here are a few shots of the process.

Preparing canvases

Three canvases in progress

I first prepared the canvases by covering them with gesso and then began painting.  I’m using my dogs’ room since it has a nice linoleum floor that cleans up well and they don’t seem to mind having their space intruded upon.

Closing one of the canvases

Attaching grommets

After I completed one of the canvases, I tried sewing the end together on the machine, but as I indicated in an earlier post, I ran into a problem with the thickness of the material.  So, I’m stitching them by hand at this point.  After the sewing is completed, I add grommets at the corners to attach the canvas to the trellis.

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