Nothing left

There is nothing left to write about

All the ideas have been used
All the scenes described
All the details told

Aeschylus, Shakespeare, Melville, Chekov
Hemingway, Roth, Updike
James B. Patterson
What’s left that they haven’t said
(to say nothing of Austin, Dickinson, Cather, Atwood, Kingsolver
who finished what the other started)

A writer — novelist, poet, historian, blogger — must have a theme
There are no new themes:

boy meets girl
boy falls in love with girl
girl’s family dislikes boy’s family
boy kills himself in despair
girl kills herself in despair over boy
boy’s father wins the Lottery and does a leveraged buy-out of girl’s family’s business

What more is there to say

Cave walls, stone tablets, papyrus
turtle shells, leather hides, paper
computer screens, skin
burned sticks, chisels, quill pens
pencils, mechanical pencils
fountain pens, ballpoint pens
roller balls
typewriters, word processors
a finger on an iPad
hieroglyphics, cuneiform, pictographs
alphabets, graffiti
All the writing has been done everywhere
All the instruments have been employed
All the forms used

What is left to write about


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