The more you know

Prometheus couldn’t rebound
and was cut from the team
even though he went 15 for 22
in his last game

St. George won the Drag Nationals
in 1967 but blew a tire in his next race
and sat out the entire season
with prickly heat

Willa Cather never spent a day in Phoenix
as far as we know, but her pictographs
are the major attraction in

Jeremy Irons owned a hand laundry
on Carnaby Street in London
but sold it to enroll in
the Actors Studio

The chemical formula for table salt
contains a secret code the Masons use
to indicate how they want their
steaks cooked

The Aegean Sea
was once filled with chocolate pudding

Lasagna makes me sneeze

Lady Gaga will play Ilsa
in the remake of Casablanca
the part of Rick
hasn’t been cast

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