This is not an NFT

So, NFTs seem to be all the rage in the art world, sort of like tulip bulbs were back in 17th century Denmark (except that tulip bulbs were actually fungible, though that didn’t stop people from losing their shirts over them). I don’t know much about NFTs (non-fungible tokens), but apparently you can buy an artwork that exists only in the ether someplace for an enormous price and pat yourself of the back for doing so. Or….

You can buy my artwork, (entitled This is not a joke, despite what you might think; facsimile shown here) and pat yourself on the back for having it all to yourself.

Here’s the deal: I created this piece a while back and it exists right now as a digital file on my iCloud account. If you wish to purchase it, you have the option of buying the digital file or a physical inkjet copy of it, matted and framed. However, you can only buy either/or. There will only be one physical copy, 14” x 14” in size (that’s the size of the image; matting and framing will increase the actual size to 20” x 20”, so plan the space you intend to hang it accordingly.

Now about the digital file. If you decide to buy that, you agree to never reproduce it in any form and only view it no larger than the 14” x 14” size it was created in. You will be the only person with permission to possess the file, unless you decide to sell it, which is just fine with me. The original will continue to exist on my iCloud account, but I will never reproduce it or exhibit it in any form after it is purchased. It’s sort of like owning a Vermeer and never showing it to the world, right?

A couple of other things. The price, $2,500 is only guaranteed until July 1, 2021 at 12:00 noon. At that time, the price will be adjusted according to the value of the Dow Jones Stock Index, based on the price of the Index at noon, on May 3, 2021. At that time, the Dow was at 34,167.50. As I write this, the Dow is now at 34,190, so if this were July 1, the price of the artwork would be about $2,501.68. See how this works?

Second, I have given 45 of my friends and family part ownership of this artwork. When you buy it, they relinquish their ownership and share in the profit. I know, I’m a nice guy. So they, and I, are betting on the market going up and someone out there ready to buy. As Picard used to say, “Make it so.”

Oh, here’s a link to my Square market place where you can purchase the artwork and then we’ll complete the transaction to your wishes. Just click the blue “Buy now” button and you are all set.

This is not a joke, despite what you might think

$2,500.00 Buy now

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