Sometimes, it just takes a while…

For a couple of years after I completed my PhD in 2002, I shopped my dissertation around to likely publishers.  I tried to make it as unacademic as possible, but it was pretty dry and long.  Earlier this year, I got inspired to give it another go and re-wrote major parts of the non-literature review/research methods sections to make it somewhat more “user-friendly.”  And rather than go to all the bother of sending it off to regional, subject-matter and potential publishers of “this sort of thing,” I decided to take advantage of one of the new self-publishing outlets and sent it off the CreateSpace, a part of the empire.

The process was amazingly easy and late last week, my book appeared on the Amazon site and should be showing up on Barnes and Noble and other booksellers shortly.

Here’s a link, in case you are interested in reading about the adventures of people who have purchased old houses in some historic Missouri communities.

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