The Internet has become a (maybe the) major process by which people engage in the economy these days.  Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, has been the day on which retailers climb into the black, but Cyber Monday, seems to be gaining in importance.  Doing business over the Internet has advantages for both sellers and consumers (I’m tempted to say that each sector can do business in their pajamas, but that might be stretching a point).

At any rate, I’ve joined the ranks of Internet providers of goods and services.  I now have an e-commerce site on which I am offering my photographs for sale and where I will post photos taken at events, also available for purchase at a nominal fee.  You can find my photos at stclairc.zenfolio.com.  The process for purchasing prints is pretty straightforward, but if you have questions, you can send me an email.  Thanks for your patronage.

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