Bulletin — 4/365

I’ve always been fascinated by bulletin boards.  They are a window into the minds of those who create them.  “Create” may, perhaps, indicate an intentionality that is not necessarily intended, but creativity is, I believe, mainly a subconscious event that is manifested in a tangible way at some point.  The bulletin boards I like most are those that are communally created in public places, like laundromats and grocery stores.  They have a natural beauty and structure that most artists would be hard-pressed to recreate from scratch.

My photo for today is a portion of my own bulletin board (more pronouncements than announcements) and as an added bonus, I’ve included a photo I took some time ago of a coffee shop bulletin board.

Tired of clean up after the kids?  Need someone to take your kids away for the day?  Looking for a new house?  Looking for a roommate or a lawnmower?  Whatever you need is right here, just a phone call away.


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