the line of vans advances
to surrender contents:
boxes, cartons, hope
it moves 
and stops
and moves
and stops
all smiles:  “hello, nice day”
“you’re here again”
“good luck”
“please hold the door”
“now which way?”

some draped and ready
most just anchored by the sign
proclaiming future tenants;
find the space
and sigh

I think that table’s mine…
you’ve built your pyramid
I’ll just find another site;
no ray in this dark quarter
I’ll move to section three
if that one fails to show

all planned ahead
each item has it’s space,
the diagram left at home
holds the key;
now improvise
and hope it brings the crowd;
the cords won’t reach
so strike the slides,
too much for this event
no doubt

A Customer
an early sale
an omen for the day?

a short parade
balloons held tight aloft
move swiftly past
and disappear;
we are spectators
with our creations
fixed, unmoving

did someone raise a gate?
the flood approaches;
a steady stream
of change,
desire, analysis,
bartered terms,
declined reluctantly;
lyrics waxed
returns to look;
the purchase wrung and wrapped

the crest is past
now time to think
a nap may nudge the clock

“her kids have flu”
“we sold the truck
and bought another bike”
“the house was new
but needed work;
tore it down and got
the mobile home”
“my daughter thinks
this job is dumb”
“just two more hours now”
“the market isn’t good this year”

The Close
the last transaction
melts away
a memory;
time slows
and slows
and slows

the sudden rush to pack
spreads through the hall,
as if a silent bell had rung;
the entry weight has lessened
not as much as hoped,
the change is tallied
and like perfect shots in sports
suggests a future win

the line of vans advances
to collect spare elements,
residuum of hope,
it moves 
and stops
and moves
and stops
wan smiles:  “next time?”

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